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Beacon IME is the clear choice for evaluating personal injury claims. We provide scientifically-based medical reporting that leads to faster claims settlement for those suffering from personal injuries.

Why work with Beacon IME?

What is Beacon IME?

It’s no secret that Medical Reporting Organisations (MROs) largely base their reports on medical opinion, which leaves the door open to unverified findings and unsubstantiated claims.

Beacon Independent Medical Examiners empowers claim handlers, lawyers and the courts by giving them the latest scientific facts they need to make sound and defendable claim settlement offers and decisions.  Beacon IME provides scientific, evidence-based expert medical assessments of medical reports used to support personal injury claims. These “Report Reviews” may be used by insurers, lawyers, the courts, employers and public bodies that process personal injury and occupational health claims.  Our products and services facilitate efficient claim closure, more accurate determination of reserves, management of loss leakage and associated costs.

Alleged personal injury claims have risen by a staggering number in the United Kingdom – can you imagine the leakage and loss potential?  By basing our Report Reviews on factual information and scientific research, our evidence-based approach provides a defendable conclusion that can replace anecdotally-based opinions used previously.

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